Reliability. The Most Frustrating Cornerstone

Do you have computer trouble when you least suspect it and when you can’t afford it? We have found that when you don’t have a great foundation, you will have trouble. Guaranteed. Building off the first cornerstone of security, your business needs a reliable network. Do you have a wired network if it is feasibly possible? Do you have a server that is running on server grade equipment and server OS? Are your workstations kept healthy and fresh? The majority of customers we have acquired over the years come to us with trouble. Trouble that is caused by old hardware that was very cheap to begin with, servers that are undersized or not correctly spec’d for the role they serve, and not having a backup/disaster recovery plan.
So ask yourself, do I have the right tools for my business to get the job done? Do I have the right hardware? Do I have the right software? When your employees have to deal with issues like this, they are not productive. If they are not productive, you are losing money.
Nothing in this world is 100% reliable (except for our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ), so we have to accept that and plan for the worst. Do you have a backup plan for your network? Do you have a disaster recovery plan for your network? We have partnered with Storagecraft to deliver a solution that can have your network back up and running within an hour of a server crash or critical workstation. We recommend an assessment of your network to identify the functions technology provides your business. We will sit down with you and determine how long you can be without that function and how much data you can afford to lose. A Backup/Disaster Recovery (DRaaS) solution will be created that is custom tailored to your business. The solution will be implemented and then constantly monitored by us, so you don’t have to worry!


Rocky Knoll Technologies is an involved IT support company. We want to get to know your business. That is the only way we can be effective and maintaining and improving your network (and your business). We create relationships, not just business. The more we know about you and your business, the more we can take care of you. We are a company that treats your business like it was our own.