The Most Important Cornerstone

Security is one of those topics that everyone has to address, but worries about how it will interfere with their business. If you have a business, you are a target to someone. It may be someone that has something to gain by seeing what you have, it could be “kids” wanting to prove if they can do it and vandalize your data, or it could be someone trying to steal credit card data. Ask yourself what you would do if your company data was lost, vandalized, or provided to your competitors?
Rocky Knoll Technologies focuses on small and medium businesses. We want to perform a security assessment of your environment and let you know what you are doing right and show you the areas where you are vulnerable. Those vulnerabilities can then be turned into an action plan to get your business secure. Security is no joke and we take it seriously. Our goal is to help identify your security weaknesses and help you address them. We will work with you in finding a solution that works for you business and your budget. Let us worry about staying on top of cyber security so you can focus on your business.


Rocky Knoll Technologies is an involved IT support company. We want to get to know your business. That is the only way we can be effective and maintaining and improving your network (and your business). We create relationships, not just business. The more we know about you and your business, the more we can take care of you. We are a company that treats your business like it was our own.