We provide Managed Services to our clients. Our offerings are custom tailored to each client because we understand that your business is unique. There is not a one size fits all approach to technology for your company.


Here are some examples of services we include in our various Managed Services Products.

Malware Protection

Has your business been held hostage by Ransomware or worried that it could happen to you? We can help deploy strategies with will prevent or minimize the damage caused by Ransomware. You don’t have to stay awake at night worrying about ransomware affecting your business. We can implement protection against Malware for your business.

Monthly Maintenance

Windows updates and application updates are a way of life now for technology. In order to secure your business, we need to make sure updates and maintenance are performed regularly on all your devices. We will update windows and software on your computer on a monthly basis. We will also check for firmware updates on non-windows devices.

IT Documentation

Documentation, Documentation, Documentation. No job is done until the paperwork is finished. We firmly believe there should be good documentation of your technology. We keep detailed documentation of the technology and your business for when issues arise, we can fix them fast. This also helps you keep track of your assets so you know what you have.

Remote Support

All of our plans include unlimited remote support. When an issue arises at your business, we can quickly remote in and start troubleshooting the issue. This allows us to be fast and efficient in solving the problem.

Line of Business App Support

Your business depends on having your core business applications up and available. We provide support for your line of business applications and work with the vendor when issues arise that need their expertise.


Technology usually has many moving parts. We take the burden off you and manage all the technology vendors so you can focus on your business. We hold them accountable and leverage their value for your business.

Testing & Monitoring

Your backups are important, so you should know that they work. We go a step further and ensure your backups will work when you need them. We will spin-up your backups to ensure they boot and the data is available for recovery.


Managed Service Providers are dime a dozen these days. We set ourselves apart by not only being competent on technology, but with customer service. You want your issue fixed now, not in a few days. That is why we commit to having a fast response time.

VoIP Phones


Here are just a few of our partners. We have spent a lot of effort in finding the right partners that want to deliver a great product and stand behind it. You don’t have to worry about taking a chance on something or being the guinea pig. We only offered fully vetted and test solutions.



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